Center For a Healthy Lifestyle

Our mission is to encourage children and adults to make good decisions for their own health and the well being of the planet.


Garden & Kitchen Field Trips!

Hands-On Experience for kids age 5+ in our Kitchen and our Organic Garden Classroom! Learn to plant, care for gardens, harvest, and compost as well as cook your harvest on-site in our kitchen!  These trips are intended for school groups, Scout groups, Rotary/Kiwanis clubs, nonprofits, executive retreats, and large family groups. Field trips can be conducted in Spanish.


1. Cooking lesson with local Chef or food professional

2. Environmental Education / Nutrition Activity

3. Active gardening, planting, composting.

Maximum 30 Participants

A Day at The Sunny Yellow Cottage /  9:30am–12pm, Mon-Fri

COST: $350 for nonprofit and school groups

Gardening Only (no cooking): COST: $150 for nonprofit and school groups Maximum 20 Participants

Email: for more information





Skyline Elementary Field Trips

The Center is proud to play host to every single child at Skyline Elementary!
This January & February school field trips will be conducted at the Center, featuring healthy and fun cooking classes taught by Amanda from kids cooking show The Good Food Factory!
The field trips are made possible through a grant provided by the Sage Garden Project.


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